Is your oven on the fritz? Are you unable to cook your food and tired of paying every night to go out for dinner? We understand that the situation can be very frustrating. Not only is going out to eat expensive, but you also probably have a refrigerator full of food that will spoil if it is not cooked soon. An oven is a perfect example of an appliance that is often taken for granted. Most people may think that their oven is a simple machine that is difficult to malfunction. However, it is more common than you think. Express Appliance Service can provide an oven repair and get you back in business in no time. We can repair many different issues that you are experiencing, such as:

  • Oven won't get hot
  • Oven doesn't stay at the correct temperature
  • Broken door hinges
  • Broken door glass
  • Broken door handles
  • One or more of the top burners won’t light or get hot
  • The dials on the stove are malfunctioning
  • The display clock, timer, or temperature reading is out
  • Smell of gas when stove is lit
  • And other issues

Our technicians are supplied with a truck full of parts to be able to fix the issue as soon as possible. In most cases, you will not have to wait on any parts to be ordered before you can get right back to cooking! All of our parts also come with a 2-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction with the oven repair.

Don’t let a broken oven cost you hundreds in take-out bills and even more in spoiled food. Call Express Appliance Service today at (732) 250-9504 or request an appointment by clicking here to complete our online form. One of our expert technicians will call you back. We can even offer an over the phone evaluation.