Having a broken refrigerator can be extremely frustrating. In some cases, it may just be making a strange noise, leaking, or have ice build-up where it never did. However, in more concerning cases, the refrigerator could stop working entirely without warning. In either scenario, hundreds of dollars in groceries can be at risk if the issue isn’t resolved quickly. Express Appliance Service can provide the refrigerator repair your need! We can fix many symptoms, including:

  • Ice buildup
  • Too warm
  • Too cold
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Temperature setting malfunctioning
  • Leaks on the floor
  • Error Codes
  • Water or ice dispenser failures
  • Water filter replacements
  • Broken door hinges
  • Loud noises
  • Strange smells
  • Broken Drawers
  • And much more

For any type of refrigerator repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our technicians are provided with trucks full of parts to be ready for many different types of repairs. We know that a broken refrigerator is a time sensitive matter and don’t want to make you wait for a part to come in before it is repaired. Most service calls are made within 48 hours to ensure your repair is completed in a timely manner. If you need a repair to just a freezer unit, then we can help with that as well! We can repair garage and chest freezers.

When finding someone to repair your refrigerator, call someone you can trust! It’s too much of a risk to hire someone that doesn’t have a great reputation. This is a time sensitive issue that could cost much more if the wrong person is hired for the job!

Call Express Appliance Service today at (732) 250-9504, or request an appointment by clicking here to complete our online form. One of our expert technicians will call you back.