Latest Tech and Apps That Are Helping You Keep Track of Food Expiration

According to the USDA, Americans throw away 103 million tons of food each year. A big reason people report tossing away food is that it goes bad in their fridge. What if there was a way to track your food so you know what is expiring soon? That way you could plan meals and recipes to use up expiring food before it needs to be tossed out. Not only would this save money, but it would also cut down on collective waste. Well thankfully, there is plenty of new technology making this possible. Here are the latest tech and apps that are helping you keep track of your food’s expiration dates.


Smart Fridges

When you purchase a smart refrigerator, you are getting an amazing amount of new tech features. Smart fridges not only can help you keep track of the expiration dates of items, but they can also give you recipe suggestions to use up said expiring items. You can set it to send reminders directly to your smartphone. Imagine wondering what you should make for dinner at work, when you get an alert from your phone telling you the exact recipe for the expiring items you have in your fridge! Talk about convenience.

Fridgely App

The Fridgely App, available on the Apple app store, tells you exactly when your food is going to expire so you can use it before it does. This is an excellent alternative for people that don’t have a smart fridge at home. You’ll get alerts on your phone when food is set to expire as well as recipes matching those items. You can keep a running tally of items you have on hand on the app, so it can specifically recommend recipes based on all the ingredients in your kitchen. You can even sync your devices, so you’ll get alerts on your iPad or computer as well.


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Appliance Safety Rules All Kids Should Know

Raising children is hands down, one of, if not the most difficult job on the planet. Once they are old enough to walk, it can seem like everything in your house is designed to make that job even harder. Sometimes, the things we look towards to make our lives easier can end up causing some of the biggest headaches when it comes to keeping your kids out of harm’s way. This makes it extremely important to teach kids how to safely use the various appliances found around the house.

While childproofing your appliances is something that should be done early on, establishing some basic ground rules can go a long way in increasing you and your family’s productivity, while also bringing some much-needed peace of mind.

Here are some tips to use to create a safe environment around your house.



  • The dials on the stove should never be played with.
  • Never open the oven door.
  • If the stove or oven is being used, stay a safe distance away.


  • Caution children about putting the wrong types of containers into the microwave. Metallic objects can spark and cause fires.
  • Avoid overheating
  • Make sure to be careful about removing items as they can cause severe burns


  • Don’t keep sharp or heavy objects on the top shelf or on top of the unit.
  • Make sure the kids understand how the doors open and shut. Drawers can be heavy and dangerous.


In addition to the appliance specific ones, general rules for all appliances can be helpful. For instance, making sure they ask for permission or help when first learning how to use them. Also, it is important to make sure appliances are turned off when finished to avoid potential fires.

Proper functioning appliances are also key to keeping everyone safe, as electrical shorts can also be harmful. If you have any concerns, make sure to have a professional come check your home for potential hazards and that everything is in good working order.

Space Saving Fridge Tips

If your family is like the many others stocking up on groceries during the past year, you probably struggled with the amount of space in your refrigerator. Sometimes it seems like we can never have enough space in our fridges. However, not all of us have the space or the budget for a larger appliance. Here are some fridge tips that can help you make the most space in your refrigerator.


Keep an Inventory List

It is easy to forget what you have in your refrigerator and freezer if you can’t see it. Before going food shopping, take a moment to do an inventory. Throw out expired food and move foods that are expiring soon to the front of your refrigerator to be used up. If possible, use a whiteboard to keep track of what is in your fridge.

Use Both Sides of Your Shelves

Having wire shelves in your fridge or freezer makes it easy to use both sides of its shelves. You can use binder clips to hang bagged foods, like shredded cheese, leftovers in Ziploc®-type bags, or frozen vegetables. This helps save space and keeps these bags organized. If you have glass shelves, don’t worry, a handy fridge tip for you is to double your storage with under-shelf drawers that clip to your shelves.

Add a Bonus Shelf

You may have wasted space in your refrigerator in between your shelves. Lay tall items on their side and place an extra shelf above them. You can find wire shelves in most discount department or home good stores that will work for this purpose.

Use Bins to Keep Food Organized

Keeping similar items organized in bins can help make the most of the space in your refrigerator. One bonus is that you can use bins to organize your daily meals if you are into meal planning. Deep sliding bins also make it easier to reach items that are hard to get to way back in your fridge.


These space saving fridge tips can help make a smaller fridge more bearable. However, they can also help you save on your grocery bill by cutting waste, too.

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Common Oven and Stove Parts That Can Be Easily Repaired

Ovens and stoves are some of the modern-day conveniences of your kitchen. They are the key to all the cooking experiences you can think of. Also, they make home-cooked meals great, especially when it comes to bringing family or friends together. But what happens when your oven or stove breaks down? The obvious answer is to have it repaired. However, there are common oven or stove parts that may need repair and they include:



In one case, the burner may fail to come on. If this is the case with your stove or oven, make sure to check the burner for any fault. If need be, swap it with another brand-new burner to get your stove back in operation.


An indicator is one of the most common stove parts that need frequent check and repair. Most of the time a damaged indicator will remain lit even after you’re done with cooking. This is an indication of a damaged or bad switch on your oven that needs repair or replacement.

Oven Door

When an oven door is stuck closed, it may require some repair. The damage comes about because of a misaligned self-cleaning latch, a faulty oven control, or a defective clock. All these parts should be repaired to make the door open or close normally.

A Self-Clean Latch and Function Selector

Both parts play a crucial role in promoting self-cleaning in different models of ovens and stoves. When damaged, they will cause the oven not to self-clean as usual. So, you may have to repair or replace them as soon as possible.

Broil Heating Element

A defective broil heating element will cause the oven not to heat up. Therefore, it may need a good repair or a replacement to make the oven function optimally.


The above-mentioned oven and stove parts may go wrong when these kitchen appliances get older. Frequent repair or replacement of damaged parts is necessary to make your stove and oven function well.

Tips for Measuring a Space for a New Appliance

Nothing is more frustrating than ordering a new appliance only to have it not fit in your space. That is why it is imperative to measure your space carefully before buying any home appliance. But certain spaces can be tricky to measure if you are not keeping certain things in mind. Here are some tips for measuring a space for a new appliance.


Always Measure Twice

When it comes to new appliances, never take your chances. Double and triple check your measurements. Even as much as a half inch mistake can be the difference between an appliance fitting in your home or not. Each appliance will need its own specific set of measurements. So, if you are not sure what exactly you are measuring for, check out the online specifications for the appliance you are buying.

Measure for Height, Width and Length

If you are buying a new oven, you will need to not only make sure it will fit in the space, but also that it will not come out too far from your countertop line. For this reason, you will need to know the height, width, and length of the space available. Also, keep in mind that you will need enough space for the door of the appliance to clear. So, when shopping for appliances, make sure to note which direction the door opens and how far it clears.

Make Sure You Can Get Your New Appliance Inside

It is not just the space your new appliance will go in that you need to measure. You also need to make sure it will fit inside your doors! Measure any door opening or hallway that you will need to carry your new appliance through. Especially pay attention if you need to bring an appliance up or down a stairway.


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Signs Your Oven Needs to be Cleaned

If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned your oven, you are not alone. Most household ovens do not get cleaned as much as they should. But the truth is, cleaning your oven regularly will help keep it working efficiently and last a long time. How do you know when it is time to clean your oven? Here are some signs your oven needs to be cleaned.


Smoke When Baking

If your oven smells smoky when it is preheating or when it is baking, there’s probably built-up food debris on the bottom. When leftover food, sauces, or debris build up on the bottom of your oven – they burn and produce smoke as it is heating up. What is the big deal with a little smoke? Well, those smoky fumes can change the taste of your food and can even be hazardous to your health. If dinner time comes with smoke, then it is time to clean your oven.

A Strange Smell When Heating

Burnt food particles in your oven will not just go away. The more they get heated up, cooled down, and reheated – the more rancid they begin to smell. If you smell something “off” when your oven is preheating, or while it is baking, then it is probably time for a cleaning.

Your Oven is Taking Longer and Longer to Preheat

Although there may be other reasons for a slow-heating oven, needing a good cleaning could be one of them. If your stove is suddenly taking longer than usual to pre-heat, try giving it a good scrub. Call a repair company if it does not seem to fix the issue.

Your Food Tastes Weird

If your cupcakes have a lingering burnt taste, or that casserole tastes a bit metallic, that is a major sign that your oven needs to be cleaned. The fumes from burning debris can penetrate uncooked food as it heats up in your oven.


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Tips for Washing Large and Odd Shaped Clothing

Washing machines have come a long way in the last decade. Some items that you would have never dreamed of washing at home years ago are perfectly safe to throw in your washing machine today. However, you need to be aware of what can be machine washed and what cannot. Here are some tips for washing large and odd-shaped clothing.


Jackets and Coats

Always check the labels on your outdoor items before washing. You may be surprised to find out that most jackets and coats can be machine washed. We recommend washing all coats by themselves, on a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water. If the tag says the coat is dryer safe, then go for it, otherwise, hang to dry.

Comforters and Quilts

If you have a large capacity washing machine, then you probably can be washing your comforters and quilts at home. Your washing machine may even have a bedding or comforter setting. For quilts, we recommend a gentle cycle with cold water and dry and low. However, you may want to use warm water for your comforters, but a gentle cycle is still best.


It can get a bit iffy when it comes to washing shoes at home. Leather shoes should never be thrown in the washer and should be wiped clean instead. Sneakers and tennis shoes are safe to be thrown in the washer, but you need to balance the load. We recommend washing all shoes on a gentle cycle with cold water. Throw in a few towels to keep the load balanced. Never put shoes in the dryer, and instead air dry, or hang outside.


Always read the label on your pillows before washing. Most fiber filled and down pillows are machine washable. However, you MUST use a delicate cycle on the lowest spin speed. Washing your pillows on a heavy-duty cycle can lead to a feather or fluff disaster.


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How to Child-Proof Your Appliances

Everyone is aware that they need to child-proof their home to keep their little ones safe. That includes cabinets, doors, toilets, and stairways. But what about appliances? Small children are innately curious, and big shiny appliances with lots of buttons and dials are impossible to resist! Here are some tips on how to child-proof your appliances.



When it comes to your dishwasher, it may not seem too dangerous for little ones. However, the large, heavy door can be quite dangerous for a child if pulled open. Plus, you do not want your kids turning on your machine and wasting water, or rewashing clean dishes, or stopping your dishwasher mid-cycle! So, to prevent these things, we recommend using inexpensive child-proofing latches for the door, as well as dial protectors.


Ovens present some of the biggest dangers of the kitchen if left unchecked. We highly recommend getting dial protectors for your stovetop dials and a latch for the door. If you have a gas oven, it is even more imperative to prevent your little ones from touching the dials. Turning on the gas without igniting the flame is extremely dangerous.


Child-proofing your fridge is not just about preventing your kids from sneaking food. Little kids could accidentally pull heavy things on top of them, or glass containers that could shatter and cut them. There are plenty of fridge locks on the market. We recommend getting one that is simple to use for adults too. No need to lock yourself out of the fridge!

Washer and Dryer

If you have a top-loading washer, there is not much to worry about. Besides storing your laundry detergent and bleach where your kids cannot reach it, the most you would need for your laundry appliances are door latches.


Keep those appliances safe for your little ones! Also, remember to keep Express Appliance Repair in mind for all your appliance needs.

Features Coming to Dishwashers in 2021

We are so ready to say goodbye to 2020. Not only is it a fresh start for all of us, but there is also a lot to look forward to. There are so many cool appliance features coming out in 2021! In this blog, we are going to look at the exciting new features coming to dishwashers in 2021.


Larger Capacities

Nothing is more frustrating than filling your dishwasher, only to realize you still have half a sink full of dirty dishes. That is why the new dishwashers of 2021 will have plenty of options for larger capacities. For example, Bosch has a line of dishwasher models with V-shaped third rack options that offer up to 30% more space for dirty dishes. More space means more clean dishes!

Better Drying

Have you ever unloaded a dishwasher full of clean dishes only to have to dry them by hand with a towel? Some new dishwashers’ features are coming out to eliminate that issue by using the latest drying technology. The Bosch 800 Series is one of the first dishwashers that use the power of zeolite. Zeolite is a mineral that can store heat and absorb water. Using this mineral, the dishwasher can speed the drying process and eliminate water droplets altogether.

Lower Prices

With the addition of all these new features, that means that earlier models will be a lower price point. So, if you have been putting off buying a new dishwasher for several years, 2021 is the year to take the plunge. Sure, you may not be getting some of the fancy features mentioned above, but you will get a brand-new dishwasher with plenty of useful features for a much lower price.


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Gas vs. Electric Stoves

Several factors go into choosing the right stove for you. The first option you need to determine is gas or electric. Here is what you need to know about each type, so you can decide on what is best for you and your family.


Gas Stoves

First off, you need to make sure your kitchen has the capacity for a gas oven hookup. If not, one will have to be added. You will have to do some research to make sure adding a gas line is possible where you live. Gas stoves are usually the preference of most experienced home cooks since it is easier to control the heat with a flame vs. an electric burner. You also do not need to wait for the burner to heat up since turning on the flame means instant heat. Things tend to cook more evenly in a gas stove. However, you do have to contend with the possibility of your pilot light going out. If you have little kids at home, gas stoves present more danger. But it is nothing a little childproofing like dial protectors and door latches can’t fix. If you decide on a gas stove, make sure your home has working carbon monoxide detectors!

Electric Stoves

Some people assume electric stoves are more expensive than their gas counterparts. However, it really depends on what region of the country you live in. Sometimes it is exactly the opposite. However, energy bills will be a tad higher with electric stoves compared to gas. Electric stoves do have some benefits. Although the burners are not as easy to control heat-wise as gas, they are easier to clean, especially if you opt for an all-glass stovetop. Electric stoves are also safer in general.


Whichever stove you choose, electric or gas, Express Appliance Repair is here for all your stove repair needs!