Appliance Malfunctions That Should be Addressed Immediately

No matter how well we take care of them, appliances break. It’s just a fact of life. Some malfunctions are easily fixed, some aren’t. So how do you know when you should call the repair company or when you can let it wait? Let’s take a look.


Broken Glass

Any glass components on appliances, like a door on an oven or washing machine, should be repaired right away by a professional. In fact, if there’s broken Glass on an appliance, especially on an appliance that heats up like an oven, it shouldn’t be used at all until repaired. Glass can crack further when heated, or even shatter, so to avoid a potentially dangerous incident, call Express Appliance Repair right away.

Broken Heating Elements

Heat is nothing to mess with. So if your appliance has a heating element that is broken or malfunctioning, discontinue use until you can have it repaired by a professional. Never try to rewire an appliance yourself.

Refrigerator Temperature

When a refrigerator isn’t maintaining the proper temperature, your food may not be staying as fresh as it needs to be. When food isn’t kept cold enough, bacteria can grow, causing your food to spoil or even be toxic to eat. So if your fridge or freezer isn’t staying cold enough, call the repair company right away.

Sparks or Smoke

Anytime you smell smoke or see sparks coming from an appliance, turn it off, unplug it and call a repair company right away. A smoking or sparking appliance can be extremely dangerous, so to avoid a disastrous electrical fire, call the experts immediately.


For these or any other appliance malfunctions, call Express Appliance Repair right away. Our expert techs come with fully stocked trucks, and in most cases, can fix your appliance the same day. Don’t try to fix that appliance yourself. Call the pros!