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How The Latest Appliances Are Helping The Environment

Did you know that the latest appliances are helping to save the environment? Many brands are embracing the green movement to help in the fight against climate change. Here’s how!   Designed With Features That Make Them Easy To Clean Cleaning appliances by hand with chemicals tends to be less environmentally friendly than using the […]

What Type of Fridge Should You Get?

Are you wondering what type of new fridge you should buy? Here is some information that can help you in your search!   The First Thing You Need to Consider is the Size of Your Kitchen If you have a large family, then it’s likely that you will want a larger fridge. How big, though? […]

Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids About Stoves and Ovens

You can help to reduce the likelihood of injuries caused by stoves or ovens by properly teaching your kids some safety tips. Here are a few really important ones!   Keep Your Child Away from Stoves and Ovens When They are On You must make it clear to your child that it is not safe […]

4 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine is Not Working Properly

It’s not uncommon for your washing machine to stop working properly, but sometimes it can be quickly dealt with. In this blog, we will discuss four reasons why your washing machine may not be working and how to reduce the likelihood of it happening.   Wrong Machine Settings This is the most common cause of […]

How To Get The Most Out of Your Appliances

How well-informed are you about your appliances? We’re not referring to how to use them; instead, we’re referring to how to maintain them. Most appliances don’t experience their full potential lifespan because of poor maintenance. However, with a bit of knowledge, you can optimize your appliance’s lifespan. Here are some pointers and tricks for maximizing […]

Common Fridge Issues You Will Need Professional Help With

Even if there is a “how-to” article you found online, that doesn’t mean you should attempt to fix these issues on your own. Here are some common ones you’ll probably need professional help with.   Leaking Water If your fridge is leaking water, it could be due to any of the following reasons: The freezer […]

Five Simple Ways to Maintain Your Appliance

Have you ever wondered how to properly care for and extend the life of your appliances? You are not alone! Appliances can be costly to replace, so it is important to properly maintain them. By taking care of your appliance correctly, you can extend its life. The following are five tips for extending the life […]

Common Ways People Misuse Their Appliances

There are many ways appliance owners are misusing them without even knowing it. Here are some common errors.   Using The Oven’s Warming Drawer For Storage You might see the warming drawer in your oven and think, “Oh, what a great place to store all my pots and pans.” But the warming drawer is not […]