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Features Coming to Dishwashers in 2021

We are so ready to say goodbye to 2020. Not only is it a fresh start for all of us, but there is also a lot to look forward to. There are so many cool appliance features coming out in 2021! In this blog, we are going to look at the exciting new features coming […]

Gas vs. Electric Stoves

Several factors go into choosing the right stove for you. The first option you need to determine is gas or electric. Here is what you need to know about each type, so you can decide on what is best for you and your family.   Gas Stoves First off, you need to make sure your […]

Most Common Signs of a Broken Washing Machine

We sure rely on our washing machines. That is why it is always extremely frustrating when they start to malfunction or break down. It is best to call a professional repair company at the first sign of a problem, instead of waiting until it gets worse. Here are the most common signs of a broken […]

How You May Be Paying Monthly For a Broken Fridge

Your refrigerator is the biggest energy consumer in your home. Older fridges generally use more electricity than new models. When a fridge starts to break down, it will use more energy as it tries to maintain a consistently cold temperature. Basically, a broken fridge will work harder than it should have to. You may think […]

The Benefits of Owning Two Separate Ovens

If you have spent your entire life with just one oven in your kitchen, it may seem like the only way. Any more would just be overkill, right? Not quite. In fact, you may be missing out on a world of culinary possibilities. Read on to learn about the benefits of owning two separate ovens. […]

Understanding the Settings on Your Dishwasher

Our dishwasher is a lifesaver. What would we do without them? If you are like the average American who owns a dishwasher, you probably use it often. But do you use the same setting every time? Maybe you are not even aware of what the other settings do. Because if the tried and true “Normal” […]

Sweater Dryer Cabinets and Other Unique Dryer Features

What is a sweater dryer cabinet? Well, it is a cool new feature on some new dryers. Let us look at what this unique dryer feature is capable of.   What is a dryer cabinet? A dryer cabinet, like the one featured on The Neptune Drying Center, combines a dryer with a new feature on […]

Appliance Maintenance The Average Person Thinks They Can Handle

Here are some appliance maintenance tasks the average person thinks they can handle but unfortunately, they are usually mistaken.   Clouded Glass Oven Door How can you possibly get that oven door clean if you must clean in between the glass panels? It is a lot more difficult than you think. The proper way to […]