Choosing the Right Washer Dryer Combo Machine

If you have a small living space, but still need to be able to do laundry in the comfort of your own home, a washer and dryer combo may be the perfect choice for you. A washer and dryer combo machine is designed to allow you to both wash and dry a load of clothes in the same machine. It’s perfect for small spaces can fit in most closets or even under the counter. So how do find the best washer dryer combo for you? Let’s take a look.

Make Sure A Combo Machine is What You Need

Having two separate machines for your washing and drying takes up more space and more energy, but it does have its advantages. With a separate washing machine and dryer, you’re able to do multiple loads at once, and singular dryers tend to dry much faster than combo machines. But if you have a small space or don’t do more than one or two loads of laundry a week, a combo machine may be perfect for you. A washer/dryer combo fits into very compact spaces, even under a table or counter or inside a closet. They can even be used in some RVs. 

Pick One with the Right Specifications

Make sure you measure your available space precisely. Most washer/dryer combos are made to fit 24″ or 27″ widths, but there are some variations. You should also be aware of the load capacity of your combo machine. Washer/dryer combos have a smaller capacity than separate machines, but these specifications do vary from model to model. Also be sure to choose one with the features that meet your needs, such as water temperature settings and moisture sensors.

Once you’ve chosen the right washer dryer combo machine for you, be sure to have it professionally installed and regularly serviced. Contact Express Appliance Service today if you have an existing washer/dryer combination machine that you think may need repair.