How to Tell if Your Fridge or Freezer is Too Cold

Our refrigerators and freezers are meant to keep our food cold, that’s their entire purpose. But, they can get too cold, which can cause a whole list of problems, including spoiled food, burnt-out motors, and more. Here’s how to tell if your fridge or freezer is too cold, and it’s time to call a repair company.


Things to Know First

Before we get into signs that your fridge is too cold, it’s important to understand how a refrigerator’s cooling process works. Your fridge isn’t at a constant temperature. It’s cooled by refrigerant vapor, which is a gas that flows in liquid form inside a coil. It absorbs heat in the air, which keeps it cool inside the fridge. The coil is usually near the lower shelf and foods kept in that area are colder than the ones in other areas. If your refrigerator or freezer is overstuffed, it will be harder for everything to be kept at the optimum temperature.



Condensation or sweating is a sign that your fridge is working too hard to stay cold. If this is the case, check the sealing around the door. If you’re sealing isn’t holding in place properly, it can be hard for the fridge to keep a steady temperature.


Too Much Ice in the Freezer

Yes, a freezer should be icy. However, if you’re finding that you have to scrape ice off of items,  or if there is a layer of ice covering the inside, your freezer is definitely too cold. Try defrosting your freezer by taking everything out and unplugging the fridge. Once you’ve removed all the ice, plug it back in and monitor it for a couple of days. If it keeps happening, its time for a repair.


If you suspect your fridge or freezer is getting too cold, call Express Appliance Repair right away.