Safety Concerns Created by Broken Ovens

Your oven is often the hub of your kitchen. It’s where all your family’s meals are prepared and it’s a centerpiece of get-togethers for the holidays. It can be quite an inconvenience when something goes wrong with your oven, and it may be tempting to continue using it if the problem doesn’t stop the oven from working completely. We advise against this and stress that you should ALWAYS call a professional repair company at the first sign of a broken oven. Here’s why.


Broken Glass

If there is a crack in the glass door of your oven, do not turn it on. When the integrity of the glass is compromised, like with a crack or chip, heat can put further stress on it, causing it to shatter or even explode. Glass oven doors should be replaced right away, and the oven should not be used until doing so.



If your food suddenly ends up burnt every time you use your oven, there’s most likely a serious problem with either your temperature sensor or the heating element itself. It’s not safe to continue using your oven if you can’t control the temperature. Call a repair company right away.


Strange Noises

Ovens should always be silent, except for the slight whirring sound of the flame turning on. If your oven is making clicking, banging, clanging, or any noises at all, something is wrong. Don’t continue using your oven until you have it checked by a professional.


Gas Concerns

If you have a gas-powered oven, it is even more important only to use it when it’s working properly. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous and can be disastrous. If you smell a natural gas leak anywhere in your home, leave and call the gas company immediately. If you’re having issues with the pilot light of your oven, or the burners are not lighting properly, discontinue use and call a repair company right away.


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