Sounds of the Fridge – Which Ones Are Normal and Which Ones are Concerning

Appliances can be noisy. Some noises they make alert us to problems and mechanical failures, but some noises are perfectly normal. When it comes to your refrigerator, which noises are deemed ‘normal’ and which should be checked out? Let’s take a closer look.

“Whirring” Sounds

A whirring sound, like one a fan makes, is normal to hear when your open or shut your fridge door. When the door is open or closed, temperature changes cause the fan to turn on or abruptly shut off.

Tic Toc Sounds

A sound similar to a ticking clock can be heard from your refrigerator when the defrost timer clicks on or off.

Gurgling Sounds

A soft gurgling or boiling sound is heard while your refrigerator is running. The refrigerant is being cycled through the unit resulting in the sound of liquid moving.

Tapping Sounds

While a tapping sound that is brief is usually normal, a consistent tapping that doesn’t let up could be a sign of a damaged fan blade or an obstruction in the fan itself. If you hear a tapping coming from your fridge and can’t find the source, contact an appliance repair company right away.

Buzzing Sounds from Underneath

A buzzing, whirring or quiet tapping sound, like when a card hits the spokes of a bicycle, coming from underneath your fridge could be a sign of an issue with the condenser fan. Unplug your refrigerator and carefully move it away from the wall. Removing the cover on the back near the bottom of the refrigerator, being careful not to lose the screws you remove, will give you access to the fan blades. Check for debris that may have gotten stuck, like small pieces of paper or trash. If this doesn’t stop the sound, contact an appliance repair company.

If you’ve heard a sound coming from your fridge that isn’t on this list, it never hurts to get advice from the professionals. Contact Express Appliance Service right away.