The Different Settings on Your Dryer

Even though your dryer has multiple settings, you’re probably used to using just one. Here’s a little info on all those other settings. They may not be the exact ones you have on your dryer model, but they’re most likely very similar. Hey, you may even want to switch it up every once in a while!



This setting uses the highest heat setting on your dryer. It’s best for socks, towels, and standard basic clothing items that can take a little heat. Check your clothes tags before using this setting.

Permanent Press

This is usually a medium heat setting and works well with bright colored clothing. This is the setting to use as a default if you’re not sure what heat to use.

Wrinkle Release

This setting uses a blast of warm air to take wrinkles out of clothing that is already dry. This is the perfect setting to use if you don’t have time to iron something before wearing it. It’s also great for sheets that have been sitting on a closet shelf for a while. You can also use this setting to freshen up clothes that have already been worn but aren’t exactly dirty.


The delicate cycle uses the lowest heat setting on your dryer. This is great for clothing made of delicate materials, hand-knitted or crocheted items, or just anything that you don’t want to dry in high heat.

Air Fluff

This setting uses no heat at all. It is great for items that just need a little refreshing before use like tablecloths, linens or jackets. You could even throw a dryer sheet in on the air fluff cycle to remove musty odors.


So next time you throw a load of clothes in the dryer, try out some of your rarely used settings. Be sure to check the care labels first.