Advice to Protect Your Electric Stovetop from Wear and Tear

Your stovetop gets a lot of use in your home, especially if you enjoy cooking. With heat and food, things can get a little messy. If you own an electric stovetop, it’s important to care for it properly. Here’s some helpful advice to protect your electric stovetop from wear and tear.

Clean After Every Use

After using your stovetop, be sure to clean off any spills or food debris as soon as it completely cools. Leaving messes can cause them to harden which can damage the surface when you try to remove them later on.

Use Cookware Wisely

Certain types of cookware can be very rough on smooth electric stovetops. Cast iron and stone pots and pans, in particular, are known to scratch electric stovetops, so avoid these types of cookware if you can.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Products

Brillo pads, rough sponges and chemical cleaners can easily scratch or damage your stovetop. Use gentle, natural cleaning sprays with a simple soft sponge or cloth. Usually, most messes on your electric stovetop can be cleaned using a warm washcloth.

Avoid Placing Utensils on Your Stovetop

Although spoon rests are popular and can seem convenient, placing anything on your stovetop while you’re cooking is a bad idea. Anything placed on your stovetop could shift, melt or burn while cooking, causing a mess that may be impossible to clean.

Don’t Leave Casserole Dishes or Cookie Sheets on Your Stovetop

It may take some getting used to if you’ve become accustomed to using a gas stove, but you should never take anything out of the oven and leave it on the stovetop to cool. Different types of materials can be abrasive to your stovetop and can scratch or damage it as it moves. Have a separate cooling area on your countertop ready for when you need to remove something from the oven.

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