Are Icemakers in Fridges Worth the Cost (and the issues)

Most models of refrigerators come equipped with an icemaker. Icemakers are convenient and helpful, especially with large families, but they do come with some disadvantages.  It leads us to wonder, is this fancy feature worth the cost?


Ice makers take up space in your fridge and freezer. The larger models take up quite a deal of space. If your refrigerator has french style doors, the ice maker will take up a large portion of one entire door. If you have a larger family, or just happen to always have a lot of food in your fridge, this may put a damper on your storage ability. If you’re shopping for a fridge and don’t want to give up your icemaker, look for slim or compact icemaker models.

Water Quality

If you have low-quality water or just don’t prefer to drink your tap water, you’ll need to consider a filter system for your icemaker. Filter systems can be purchased and added to your refrigerator at any time, so do your research and be sure to call a professional for installation.


Keep in mind that if your fridge has an icemaker or water dispenser, it’s going to require some maintenance. Filters will need to be changed, components will need to be cleaned, and possible repairs may be needed.

Professional Installation Required

An ice maker in your fridge means you’ll have to have an available water line and a professional installation after purchase. Having a water line placed will require the service of a plumber, so remember to factor that into your budget when shopping for a new fridge.

Ice makers can be a convenient addition to your kitchen, just be prepared to care for it like any other feature of your appliances. If you’re having issues with your icemaker or any other appliance in your home, call the pros at Express Appliance Service today!