Air Dry vs Dryer

Doing laundry in the washer and dryer is the ultimate convenience, but let’s face it, not everything can be dried using heat. Sure, you can cut corners every now and then and use a low heat cycle, but certain materials should be air-dried only. Here’s more information you should know.


Jeans, Sweats and Towels

Thick fabrics like denim jeans, sweatshirts, fleece and towels are always ok in the dryer unless otherwise stated on the label. The heavier the material, the more heat you’ll need for a thorough dry. However, when it comes to designer jeans, you may want to keep it on low heat only or just hang to dry. The choice is yours.


Workout Clothes and Undergarments

Synthetic and stretchy materials do best on a low heat cycle in the dryer. This goes for undergarments as well. For those super lacy, delicate items, it’s best to hang dry. You can always throw them in the dryer on “Fluff” or no heat for a few minutes to refresh after air drying.



Cotton fabrics are almost always fine to throw in the dryer, but remember that your items may shrink a bit the first time. Try using a low heat cycle just to be safe. Cotton tends to get wrinkled quickly if you let it sit in the dryer after it’s done drying, so remember to take out your laundry as soon as it is done.


When In Doubt, Air Dry

If you have a piece of clothing that you’re just not sure about, the safest strategy is to air dry it. If you don’t have a clothesline in your laundry room or in your yard, just lay it flat on a table or countertop over a towel.


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