Popular Washing Machine Tips

Almost every American household owns a washing machine. Washers are one of the most helpful appliances in our home. In fact, we probably don’t realize how much we rely on our washing machines until they’re not working correctly. So to keep your washing machine working properly as long as possible, here are some easy tips to follow.


Inspect the Hoses

Every month or so, check the hoses that run from your washing machine and make sure there are no bulges and that the connectors are tight and secure.


Don’t Overload

Putting too many clothes into your washing machine can cause damage to the drum and throw it off balance. A good rule of thumb is never to fill the drum more the ¾ full.


Use the Right Kind of Detergent

Make sure you’re using a detergent for your model of washing machine. If you have an energy-efficient model, you should be using a detergent labeled “HE” for “High Efficiency”.


Use the Right Amount of Detergent

Using too much soap in your machine leaves a residue on the inside components and can end up doing damage. Read the bottle of detergent and only use as directed.


Clean the Inside of Your Machine

Every month or so, wipe out the inside of your washing machine and any inside components that you can reach. Mildew and gunk can build up in the machine that is hard to rinse away during a cycle. Try running an empty load with two cups of white vinegar periodically. This will cut down on build-up.


Don’t Let Wet Clothes Sit in the Washer

Try to remember to transfer wet clothes into the dryer as soon as they’re done washing. Wet clothes left to sit can cause mold and mildew to form.


Follow these easy tips to keep your washing machine working efficiently. But if a problem does come up, call Express Appliance Repair for all your appliance repair needs.