Appliance Repair in Freehold

We’ve come to rely on our appliances as much as we rely on the people in our lives. When you get up in the morning to make your breakfast and realize that your food has spoiled because your refrigerator stopped working in the middle of the night, or you go to put your just washed work clothes in the dryer and realize it won’t turn on, it can really disrupt your day. When you’re faced with a broken appliance, it might seem tempting to try to repair it yourself… DON’T! Not only can you cause further damage, you could possibly hurt yourself if you’re not experienced in appliance repair. It’s always best to leave things like this to the professionals. When searching for appliance repair in Freehold, look no further than Express Appliance Service. Why should you call us when your appliance isn’t working properly?

You’ll Save Money

When you hire someone to fix an appliance that isn’t working properly, you want it done the right way the first time. The experts at Express Appliance Service will be able to get your appliance back in top shape, meaning you won’t have to waste money on multiple repairs. A repaired appliance also means you won’t have to make a large investment on a new one.

Your Appliance Will be Serviced Safely

Home appliances, especially ones like refrigerators and washers or dryers, are made for heavy-duty responsibilities and require electricity and complicated inner workings. A trained service repair professional will have the proper tools and equipment to ensure your appliance is fixed correctly, without any unnecessary risks to you or your family.

Service Warranty

We know that when you’re searching for appliance repair in Freehold, you’re looking for a company that offers quality work. We are so confident that we can fix your appliance properly the first time, that we offer a two-year warranty on all our work.

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