Subzero Refrigerator Repair

Do you own a Subzero refrigerator? Express Appliance Service has expert professionals trained in Subzero refrigerator repair.

Subzero, originally called The Subzero Freezer Company, was founded in 1945 in Madison, Wisconsin. The company’s founder, Westye Bakke, invented the very first free-standing freezer in 1943. They also were the first company to install built-in refrigerators in the United States. As a consequence, the retro 50’s look of a built-in is often associated with the brand. With over 70 years of research and experience with food preservation, Subzero creates refrigerators that are tested to the highest standards and built for beauty and performance. Here are a few of the models Subzero is most known for:

  • Built In Refrigerators- Known for their sleek panels that blend in seamlessly with your kitchen design, Subzero full-size refrigerators have a classic modern look, without a hinge or grille in sight.
  • Undercounter Refrigerators- Giving your kitchen, or even your dining room, a touch of luxury, Subzero undercounter refrigerators allow you to preserve food where it’s most convenient. You’ll be able to keep fresh produce beneath the kitchen island or beverages and snacks in the dining room, taking food storage to a whole new level.
  • Wine Coolers– A fine wine collection should be taken care of properly. Subzero wine coolers not only control temperature, but also humidity, light and vibration, so your wines will be perfect to the last drop. Several models also have built-in security systems that are able to be connected to your home’s alarm.

Subzero refrigerator repair should be left to the professionals. Because of the substantial weight and height difference compared to other brands, Subzero full-size refrigerators require trained professionals to move and service them. Express Appliance Service has many specialty tools and equipment readily available to fix a problem with your Subzero appliance. Be sure to call us today for Subzero refrigerator repair.