Are You Using the Proper Cleaning Setting on Your Dishwasher

Every appliance in today’s modern world seems to have a million different settings. For example, your dishwasher- “Heavy,” “Normal,” “Light,” “Pots and Pans”… How do you know which setting to use? Here’s a closer look at each option so you can decide if you’re using the proper cleaning setting on your dishwasher.


The Normal Cycle

According to Whirlpool, 80% of dishwasher owners use the normal cycle. And why wouldn’t they? It sure seems the most logical choice to wash things the “normal” way. The normal cycle was designed for moderately soiled dishes, like plates, silverware, and glasses. When in doubt, use the normal cycle.


Light Wash

The light wash, or sometimes called “1 Hour” or “Quick Wash” setting is for lightly soiled dishes that don’t have a lot of built-up debris, like dozens of wine glasses after a cocktail party, or a new set of plates just purchased from the store. This is an excellent choice to conserve water and energy when all you need is a quick wash.


Heavy Setting

The “Heavy” or “Pots and Pans” setting on your dishwasher is meant for heavily soiled items like casserole dishes and built up messes. This setting may be called “pots and pans,” but it’s always best to wash pots and pans by hand if possible. Even with a heavy setting, they might not come out completely clean due to their irregular shapes and design. It’s also important to note that the water gets about 5 degrees hotter with this setting, so be sure only dishwasher safe items are inside.


Use the Normal Setting Most of the Time

Although it may be tempting to use a lighter setting more frequently to conserve water and energy, the truth is you’ll probably end up having to rewash the dishes, or at least handwash some of them.


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