Why It’s Important to Use Oven-Safe Dishes When Baking

Why It’s Important to Use Oven-Safe Dishes When Baking

Oven-safe bakeware is specifically designed to tolerate the extremely high temperatures of your oven while evenly cooking your items, so they turn out the way you want them to. Using dishes that aren’t approved as oven-safe can not only lead to a baking fail, but it could be potentially dangerous. Here’s why it’s important to use oven-safe dishes when baking.


Specifically Made with Instructions

Dishes that are made oven-safe usually come with instructions for their proper use. When you use these types of dishes and bakeware, you can be sure that your food will cook the right way without any sort of cracking or breaking during the baking process. There may be temperature limits on certain bakeware, so be sure to check the label before use.


Non-Oven-Safe Glass Can Shatter

If you can’t find any oven-safe labels on a particular dish, don’t put in the oven. Non-oven-safe glass or materials can shatter with extreme temperature changes, creating a potentially dangerous mess for you to clean up, or even damage your oven. Not to mention your baked goods will be inedible.


Decorative Dishes Could Melt or Leak

Dishes with decorative designs that are not explicitly labeled oven-safe can melt in the oven. Whatever was used for the colored design could leak into your food, that is if it even holds up at all to the extreme heat. When it comes to bakeware, basic is best.


Even Heating

Oven-safe bakeware is designed to cook your baked goods evenly, giving them the proper texture and doneness. Using anything other than oven-safe could lead to soggy cupcakes or burnt cookies, and no one wants that.


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