Basic Appliance Tips to Save Energy

Did you know your appliances account for about 20% of your total household energy use? If you are looking to save money on your utility bills or cut down on your energy usage, start with your appliances. Here are some basic appliance tips to save energy.


Refrigerator Energy Saving Tips

When it comes to saving energy, the first appliance you should address is your fridge. Refrigerators use the most power out of any appliance in the home. Try these easy tips:

  • Keep the temp between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Don’t overcrowd, leave a little space between items so cold air can circulate
  • Always cover containers. Uncovered food release moisture into the air, causing your fridge to work harder
  • Make sure the doors are sealed tight

Dryer Energy Saving Tips

In a close second to your fridge, clothes dryers account for a large percentage of energy use in your home. Try these tips:

  • Dry towels and heavier fabrics separately
  • Use the moisture sensor setting if available
  • ALWAYS empty the lint vent before and after a load
  • Periodically inspect your outdoor dryer vents

Washing Machine Energy Saving Tips

Front loading washing machines are more energy-efficient than their counterparts, so when shopping for a new machine, keep that in mind. 80% of the energy used for a washing cycle is to heat the water, so to save energy, use these tips:

  • Unless you have heavily soiled items or are trying to sanitize a load, use the cold or warm water settings
  • Always wash a full load, but do not overfill
  • Buy cold water detergent and use cold water cycles for most items
  • Turn off the extra rinse or 2nd rinse option


For more energy savings tips or for any of your home appliance needs, ask the experts at Express Appliance Repair. Call for an appointment today!