Common Appliance Malfunctions Caused By User Error

Appliances can be a little finicky sometimes, at least we think they can be. The truth is, many common appliance malfunctions are caused by user error. Here are some common appliance malfunctions and how to avoid them


Refrigerator Not Cooling Enough


There’s nothing more frustrating than opening your fridge to realize the temperature has dropped. Before you panic and start pricing new refrigerators online, check the coils. The black tube and wire coils on the bottom on your fridge can get grimy and covered with dust, pet hair and debris. Try to vacuum the area below your fridge regularly and carefully.


Washer Stops Spinning

When your washing machine begins to make loud conking sounds or suddenly stops spinning during a cycle, it could simply be an error. Overloading the washer, or filling it unevenly, can cause the spinning mechanism to go a little wonky during a cycle. Try taking some items out or redistributing the weight of the load around the spinner.

Dryer Not Drying

If your clothes are not drying, first check the settings dial. It may sound obvious, but it’s common for your dial to get set to the wrong cycle, air dry perhaps, without you realizing it. If you have checked your settings and it’s still not getting hot enough, check your lint vents. A build-up of lint in your dryer vent not only makes your dryer work harder, but it is also a fire hazard.

Dishwasher Not Washing

Opening the dishwasher to a load of semi-clean dishes is always a bummer, but it could be an easy fix. There are filters on the bottom of your dishwasher that are probably being neglected. Remove the filter and wash it with dish soap and warm water. Check your owner’s manual for guidance on this.


If you’re still having appliance malfunctions, call Express Appliance Repair. We’re here for all your appliance needs!