Common Issues with Gas or Electric Stovetops

Both gas and electric stovetops have their advantages and disadvantages. Most people who prefer one over the other have certain features that they swear by. Despite their loyal followings, both types of stovetops have common issues that can be inconvenient – to say the least. Let’s look at some common issues with both gas and electric stoves.

Common Issues with a Gas Stove

  • Burners Won’t Light– This super common issue happens because of one of two problems. Either the pilot light is out, or the burner is being obstructed or clogged. If the other burners are working properly, it is most likely the pilot light causing the problem. This can be fixed by cleaning the pilot light opening or adjusting the pilot flame.
  • Gas Odor- If you start to smell a gas odor in your home, immediately check the burner knobs to make sure one isn’t turned in the ‘On’ position. If that is not the source of the odor, vacate your home right away and call the gas company.
  • Noisy Flames– A properly functioning burner should be virtually silent. If your flame is noisy, it can usually be fixed by adjusting the air shutter. If the burner flame is still loud when in use, contact Express Appliance Service right away.

Common Issues with an Electric Stove

  • Coil Won’t Heat– If one of the coil burners is not heating, or not heating enough, make sure all switches are turned on. You may need to replace the faulty burner, which is relatively easy and inexpensive.
  • Can’t Adjust Heat– If your burner seems to only have one heat setting and won’t cool down or heat up when you adjust the dial, this might be caused by a faulty ignition switch.
  • Loose Coils– Heavy use can cause burners to loosen or become wobbly. They usually need to be replaced when this happens.

If you’re experiencing any of these common stovetop issues, call Express Appliance Service right away to set up an appointment.