High Efficiency Washing Machines

It’s important to be mindful of the amount of water and energy you’re using in your household. High-efficiency washing machines help you do just that. Here is what a high-efficiency washing machine is and what makes it the better choice for your home.

What is a high-efficiency washing machine?

A high-efficiency, or ‘HE’, washing machine is made with technology that reduces the amount of water and energy you need to wash a load of clothes. An ‘HE’ washer uses 80% less water than a traditional top-loading washer and uses 65% less energy to operate. An ‘HE’ washing machine can wash more clothes in one load than traditional machines due to their larger size.

How are ‘HE’ washing machines different?

An ‘HE’ washer does not have an agitator, meaning your clothes are washed more gently and with less energy. Since they do have larger capacities than traditional machines, they do require more detergent. Make sure to use a detergent with an “HE” label on the bottle. These detergents are specially made to work in high-efficiency washing machines using less water.

Should I purchase an ‘HE’ washing machine?

‘HE’ washing machines use less water and less energy to do the same job as a traditional machine. Owning a high efficiency washer will save you money on your utility bills as well as help reduce your overall carbon footprint. Although you have to use specialty detergent, most washing machine detergents are made for ‘HE’ machines, or they have a separate version that is. You’ll also be able to wash more clothes at a time, cutting down on the time it usually takes you to do laundry.

If you own a high efficiency washing machine that needs repair, or if you’re interested in the benefits of owning one, contact Express Appliance Service today. We have experience working with all makes and models of washing machines and can help you pick one that’s best suited for your needs.