Dishwasher Loading Tips

Are you tired of opening your dishwasher and finding pieces of food or grime still stuck on your “clean” dishes? It may not be your dishwasher’s fault. It turns out there is a right and a wrong way to load your dishwasher. Use these hacks to get clean dishes every time.

Skip the Liquid Soap

Liquid detergents tend to be less expensive, but they aren’t as effective at removing stuck on messes as powder or tablets. So as tempting as that bargain soap is, you’ll just end up spending more time and money to rewash dishes that should have been cleaned the first time.

Mix up Your Flatware

If you’re a stickler for organization, you’ve probably been keeping all your flatware together, forks with forks and spoons with spoons, etc. It turns out that it’s more efficient to get a little crazy with your flatware and mix things up a bit. Arrange your silverware tray compartments with spoons and forks together and some pointing up and some pointing down, the water will be able to be distributed more evenly, making for a more thorough wash.

Bowls on the Top, Plates on the Bottom

The top rack of your dishwasher is actually designed to stack bowls at an angle so they can get thoroughly cleaned without holding water. The same goes for the bottom rack, it is meant for arranging plates in such a way that they are cleaned as much as possible.

Wash Your Dishwasher

Every month or so, run your empty dishwasher. You can do the “Quick” setting or rinse cycle, just use the fastest cycle your machine allows. 

Check the Spinner

Every time you’re about to run your dishwasher, spin the spraying arm to make sure it’s clear of anything that may be blocking it. Doing this every time will save you the hassle of running an entire cycle without anything getting clean.

Use these easy hacks for clean dishes every time.