Refrigerator Organization Tips

Are you getting frustrated every time you open your refrigerator? Can’t find anything you’re looking for? If your fridge has become a wasteland of half empty condiment bottles and mystery leftovers, it’s time to get organized. We organize our desks, our cars, our bookshelves, but when was the last time you organized your refrigerator? Using these easy hacks, you can set up your fridge in a practical way that will keep it cleaner longer. The main reason food goes bad is because we forget that it’s there. Organizing your fridge means less wasted food. Let’s get started.

Baskets and Bins

If you buy certain things regularly, like yogurt and or apples, having appropriately sized baskets and bins in your fridge can keep them in order while saving plenty of room for other items. You can find these storage containers at just about every store and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some even have handles that make them easier to be pulled out and put back.

Drink Dispensers

Canned drinks take up a lot of space in the fridge and they can fall and knock other things over. Using an inexpensive drink dispenser allows you to stack cans on top of each other, utilizing precious space, and makes them easy to take out. 

Label Everything

Labeling your storage bins and shelves not only keeps things organized, it gives gentle direction to other members of your household to put things back where they go.

Fridge Mats

Hate cleaning off those unknown sticky substances from your refrigerator shelves? Use cheap plastic placemats on each shelf. Every week you can take them out and wash them and put them back. 

Lazy Susan for Condiments

Condiment bottles get forgotten when you stuff them in the fridge doors. Use a lazy susan or turntable on the top shelf so they’re always visible and easy to access.

Using these easy hacks to organize your refrigerator will change your life!