Great Products to Help Organize Your Fridge

While fridges already have built-in organization, it’s still easy for your food to get lost in the mix. Thankfully, many items are out there that help keep your shelves organized and easier to use. When you take a little extra time and effort to organize your fridge, you’ll waste less food and have a better idea of what you need when you go to the grocery store. Here are some great products to help organize your fridge.


Plastic Storage Bins

Probably the most useful and inexpensive refrigerator storage items are plastic bins. While you could always use any old plastic bin, it’s best to use ones specifically designed for the fridge. This set of 8 bins from Amazon is under $25 and allows you to store things like juice boxes, applesauce pouches, produce, and yogurts. They are stackable, easy to clean, and allow you to keep track of all your smaller items.

Can Dispensers

Keeping cans in the fridge can take up a lot of space because they’re difficult to stack. That’s why metal can dispensers are a must. Metal can dispensers allow you to stack and organize 12-24 cans on any shelf in your fridge you like. When you take one can, the others move forward, meaning there’s a cold can always within reach.

Glass Bottles for Liquids

Milk jugs and juice containers come in all different sizes and shapes, sometimes making it hard to store them where you would like them in the fridge. Purchasing reusable glass containers for all your juice, milk, and water makes it easier to arrange them. The Bottle Store has many different glass bottles in all sizes to make storing liquids easy.


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