How Dirty Glass Tops Affect Your Cooking

Glass top ovens are very appealing to home cooks for their sleek appearance and ease of cleaning. However, if you neglect to keep those glass surfaces clean, then you may be sabotaging its cooking ability. Here’s how dirty glass tops could affect your cooking.


Buildup Can Cloud Your Judgement

Glass tops are easy to wipe clean if you do it after each use. Keep in mind to allow the surface to cool prior to cleaning. If you allow dirt and food debris to build up, it will constantly heat up and dry repeatedly. This creates a hard, crusty buildup that can be incredibly difficult to clean. Plus, glass cooktops can scratch if this buildup gets stuck under a sponge or towel you are using to clean the surface.

Uneven Cooking

Buildup from food debris and spills creates a heat barrier between your cooking pot and the burner. This could increase cooking times or cause food to heat unevenly. If you want your glass cook tops to work how they’re intended, a nice clean surface every time is necessary.

Creating a Fire Hazard

If your glass tops are dirty, you’re heating up crusty old food every time you switch on the burners. This could eventually be a fire hazard. To cook safely, make sure you’re starting with a clean burner.

Compromise the Life of Your Oven

The better you take care of your glass top oven, the longer it will last. A dirty glass top means you’re setting yourself up for problems or repairs down the line. If you want your oven to work reliably, you should keep it clean.


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