How to Get Spotless Dishes Every Time

Dishwashers have transformed our kitchens, promising gleaming dishes with minimal effort. But sometimes, the dishes aren’t as shiny as you had hoped. Here are some insights into getting those spotless results every time.


The Right Detergent Matters

Not all dishwashing detergents are created equally. To maintain the longevity of your machine and ensure clean dishes, it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality detergent. Modern formulations now cater to hard water, ensuring that limescale and water spots become a thing of the past.

Load with Care

Properly arranging your utensils can significantly impact their cleanliness outcome therefore it is best not to overcrowd your utensil holder. As a rule, you should always face the dirtiest side of your dishes towards the water jets. For example, angle pots and pans downwards so the spray hits them directly.

Regular Maintenance

Like any appliance, your dishwasher needs regular care. Once a month, remove any trapped food from the filter, check the spinning arms for clogs, and run a cycle with a dishwasher cleaner. This will not only enhance performance but also extend the life of your machine. If there’s ever an issue, don’t try to repair it yourself. It’s always best to leave appliance repairs to the professionals.

Rinse Before Loading

While modern dishwashers are powerful, rinsing off significant food particles can make a difference. This prevents the filter from clogging, ensuring optimal water flow and better cleaning results. It doesn’t have to be much, just a quick rinse!

Understand the Cycles

Dishwashers come with several different cycle options, from eco to intensive. Familiarize yourself with what each cycle does. Sometimes, a longer, more thorough cycle is more energy-efficient than a quick wash that doesn’t get dishes completely clean, requiring a second run.


Following these tips can help you achieve spotless dishes every time. But, if you ever face issues with your appliance, it might be time to call in the experts. Call Express Appliance Services for all your dishwasher and appliance needs.