How to Identify the Source of a Dishwasher Leak

A leaking dishwasher can be quite an inconvenience. It’s even more frustrating to see the leak and not know where it’s coming from. Fortunately, there can be visible clues when you have a dishwasher leak. You just have to know where to look. Knowing where the leak is coming from will be helpful during your call with an appliance repair expert. Here are some useful tips.


Is it a gasket?

Many dishwashers use multiple gaskets to regulate the flow of water. For instance, almost all dishwashers have a rubber gasket located on the inside edge of the door. This gasket helps keep the water and detergent inside when a cycle runs. However, if a gasket is torn or damaged, it could cause the water to leak out from the door. If you notice a leak coming from the front of your dishwasher, inspect the rubber gasket on the door for tears or cracks. Here’s an easy way to check if your door gasket is working:

  1. Take a piece of paper or newspaper and insert it towards the top portion of your dishwasher door along the side.
  2. Close the door on the paper.
  3. Gently try to pull the paper out of the door. Repeat this process along all sides of the dishwasher door. If the paper is hard to remove, your gasket is working correctly. If it slides out easily, it’s time to replace your gasket.

If the door gasket isn’t the issue, then a professional will be needed to inspect the other gaskets.

Is it the hoses?

Faulty hoses often cause dishwasher leaks. These leaks typically begin from the back of the appliance. If you notice a leak and can safely move the appliance forward, then do so and look behind it. Leaks that start from that area are typically a sign of a faulty hose.


If you don’t feel comfortable diagnosing your dishwasher leak yourself, call in the pros! Express Appliance Service will send a repair professional to inspect your dishwasher and get it back in working order in no time. Give us a call today!