How to Properly Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Trap

If you own a dryer, cleaning the lint trap is a responsibility you should never neglect. Regular cleaning of your lint screen prolongs the life of your dryer, helps your clothes dry efficiently, and keeps your energy bills low. However, if you neglect your lint trap, you’re not only making your dryer work harder than it has to – but you’re also potentially setting yourself up for a fire hazard. Here are some simple tips on how to properly clean your lint trap.


Empty Your Lint Trap After Every Load

Every time you use your dryer, check the lint trap. And every time you remove clothes from your dryer, check your lint trap. Getting in the habit of checking your lint trap before AND after using it will ensure you never forget to empty it. To clean the lint trap – simply pull out your lint screen, pull off the lint, and throw it in the garbage.

Deep Cleaning Your Lint Trap

Besides emptying your lint trap after every use, you’ll also need to deep clean your lint trap and screen every three months or so. Here’s how:

  1. Remove the lint screen. Use your vacuum’s hose attachment to remove any small bits of leftover lint.
  2. Gently scrub your lint screen with dish soap and warm water using a dish brush. Then, lay it out on paper towels to dry.
  3. While the lint trap dries, use your vacuum to clean the trap slot. Carefully use the longest, skinniest vacuum attachment to get as much lint as possible.
  4. Replace the lint screen once it is fully dry.

Get Your Exhaust Vents Cleaned Out

Your dryer’s exhaust vents cycle outside your home. It’s essential to get these professionally cleaned out at least every two years. If you use your dryer frequently, like every day or every other day, you may need to get them cleaned out every year.


Not sure if your lint trap is working correctly? Let the professionals at Express Appliance check it out. We’re here for all your home appliance needs!