How to Tell if Your Freezer is Bad

Every day, people around the world use things designed to improve their quality of life significantly. While they might not be typical for everyone in the world, people use some things every day that many people take for granted. And on the top of that list, we must consider your freezer.

The freezers most commonly found in homes today come in two types. Either they are attached to a fridge in some capacity or as a standalone unit. Unfortunately, as with most things in the world, they tend to have a shelf life. Replacing a broken unit usually comes with a high cost, but how do you know when it is time? To help you out, we will run through some tips on how to tell if your freezer is in bad shape.


The Obvious

The first and most obvious sign of a bad freezer is simply not having any power. Opening the door to discover a warm temperature is an obvious sign that your freezer needs a repair or replacement.

The Not So Obvious

Unfortunately, some other signs are not so obvious and may still lead to the need for a repair:

  • Strange Noises – rattling, clanging, grinding, or just a louder noise in general could be the first sign of trouble
  • Warming Temperatures – you may notice this with food being slightly warmer or ice being runny or not frozen in the middle. This development can start slowly and end up worse over time.
  • Colder Temperatures – Another sign of a malfunctioning freezer is temperatures getting too cold. This sign may be a little more difficult to notice, but it can also be a clue something is going wrong.
  • Smells – Another sign to be on the lookout for is an unusual smell. This smell can mean you have a leak or a burning electrical part.


While not the only signs, these can be some things to look out for in your freezer. If you think you need to repair or replace your freezer, give us a call for more information.