How Your Appliances Can Work Together with the Latest Technology

Smart home technology is not only changing the way we secure our homes, use devices, and listen to music, it is also changing the way we use appliances. Read on to learn how your appliances can work together with the latest technology.


Washer and Dryer

The most obvious pairing with smart technology would be your washer and dryer. They are already working together to do your laundry, but with smart tech, they can do this more efficiently. With a smart home system, your washer can alert you when a load is ready to go in the dryer. Your dryer can also automatically adjust its cycle depending on what cycle was used in the washer. For example, if you washed your clothes on Delicate, your dryer will know to use a low heat setting.

Oven and Refrigerator

This next one is exciting for foodies and home cooks everywhere. With smart technology, your oven and refrigerator could work together to help you develop new recipes and ways to use up the food in your fridge. You could program your fridge to alert you when you have fresh foods close to expiring, and in turn, your oven could preheat and prepare for that recipe. No more rotten veggies, and lots of new recipes to switch up weeknight dinners. It’s a win-win!

Virtual Assistant

With a smart home system, your virtual assistant, either on your smartphone or through a device like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, will coordinate all your home appliances. Whether it is turning on your dishwasher at night while everyone is asleep or preheating your oven when it knows you are on your way home from work, your virtual assistant is like the butler of your appliances.


Whether you have smart appliances, or the traditional kind, keep Express Appliance Repair in mind for all your appliance needs. Give us a call today!