Latest Tech and Apps That Are Helping You Keep Track of Food Expiration

According to the USDA, Americans throw away 103 million tons of food each year. A big reason people report tossing away food is that it goes bad in their fridge. What if there was a way to track your food so you know what is expiring soon? That way you could plan meals and recipes to use up expiring food before it needs to be tossed out. Not only would this save money, but it would also cut down on collective waste. Well thankfully, there is plenty of new technology making this possible. Here are the latest tech and apps that are helping you keep track of your food’s expiration dates.


Smart Fridges

When you purchase a smart refrigerator, you are getting an amazing amount of new tech features. Smart fridges not only can help you keep track of the expiration dates of items, but they can also give you recipe suggestions to use up said expiring items. You can set it to send reminders directly to your smartphone. Imagine wondering what you should make for dinner at work, when you get an alert from your phone telling you the exact recipe for the expiring items you have in your fridge! Talk about convenience.

Fridgely App

The Fridgely App, available on the Apple app store, tells you exactly when your food is going to expire so you can use it before it does. This is an excellent alternative for people that don’t have a smart fridge at home. You’ll get alerts on your phone when food is set to expire as well as recipes matching those items. You can keep a running tally of items you have on hand on the app, so it can specifically recommend recipes based on all the ingredients in your kitchen. You can even sync your devices, so you’ll get alerts on your iPad or computer as well.


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