Most Common Signs of a Broken Washing Machine

We sure rely on our washing machines. That is why it is always extremely frustrating when they start to malfunction or break down. It is best to call a professional repair company at the first sign of a problem, instead of waiting until it gets worse. Here are the most common signs of a broken washing machine.


Loud Banging Noises

While it can be common for your washing machine to become unbalanced during a washing load, this should not happen frequently. If rearranging the clothes to distribute them evenly does not solve the issue, and it is still making loud noises during a wash cycle, it is time to call in the pros.

Won’t Drain

A failure to drain usually means that something has jammed the drain line or hoses. While this is an easy fix most of the time, you will need a professional with the appropriate equipment to unclog it.


There are several different areas that your washing machine can leak from. The most common leak site is at the drain line. However, you will need a professional to assess the washer and find the leak. Never use a washer that is leaking.

A Drum That Won’t Budge

If your washer is not turning like it is supposed to while washing, something is wrong. The culprit could be a damaged, loose, or missing belt. This is a sign to call in a professional repair company.

A Locked Door

Front-load washers use computer sensors to operate their door locking mechanisms. Sometimes the sensors can malfunction, causing the door to stay locked. Never force open a locked door. Forcing could result in much more trouble than just a bad sensor.


If your washing machine is experiencing any of these issues, or something else entirely, it is best to leave it to the pros. Luckily, Express Appliance Repair has years of experience dealing with all these common washing machine problems. Give us a call today!