Most Popular Refrigerator Styles

Refrigerators have come a long way since the days of pastel greens and rounded tops. Today, refrigerators are all about function and convenience. Here’s a look at the most popular refrigerator styles and the benefits of each.

Top Freezer

The top freezer style refrigerator is the most commonly found model in American homes. The main reasons are because of its low price point and storage size. These refrigerators can be priced as low as $400, which makes it an excellent choice for those on a budget. A disadvantage of the top freezer fridge is that refrigerated food is stored at the bottom, which means you have to bend down to reach things on the bottom shelf. However, this model fits in almost any kitchen, and makes a great choice for a second fridge used in the basement or garage.

Bottom Freezer

A bottom freezer refrigerator model has the same benefits as a top freezer model, just a reversed design. Like its counterpart, a bottom freezer fridge fits in most kitchens and has a low price point. However, they are usually a bit larger than top freezer models and feature more drawer style shelving.

Side by Side

The side by side refrigerator style has become a very popular model in the last couple of decades due to the many features and extra freezer space and organization. This fridge is split right down the middle; however, the refrigerator section is usually a tad deeper. This model is a good choice if you have a narrow space for your fridge since there is less clearance space needed for the doors.

French Doors

The french door style refrigerator probably has the highest price point of these four but offers all the convenience of a side by side and a bottom freezer combined in one. Most of the high-end expensive fridge models feature the french door styling.

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