Signs Your Oven is Overworked

Let’s face it, ovens don’t last forever. If your current oven is on the older side and you use it often, it just may not be able to handle regular use anymore. It may be time to throw in the towel and invest in a new oven. Here are some signs that your oven is overworked.

Your Favorite Dishes Aren’t Coming Out the Way They Usually Do

Every good home cook has a few favorite recipes that they prepare over and over for their family. If you have a favorite dish you make in the oven regularly that just isn’t turning out the way it used to, it may be a sign your oven just can’t hack it anymore. If you’re finding yourself having to increase the cooking time, or even ending up with partially cooked dishes, your oven isn’t heating correctly.

Your Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

If you have a gas-powered oven and the pilot light consistently goes out, this could be a sign your oven is on the way out. Gas ovens, in particular, can be dangerous as they age since they can give off carbon monoxide when not working properly. Gas ovens should always be serviced by a professional.

The Door Won’t Close Properly or Falls Open

A faulty oven door can be dangerous, especially if you have young children in the home. Most door issues can be fixed easily, but if your oven is old and the door keeps braking even after repairs, it may be time for a new model.

If you have any of these issues with your oven, or any others, your oven just may not be capable of keeping up with you any longer. The experts at Express Appliance Repair will be able to let you know if a repair is possible, or if it’s time to shop for a new oven. Call for an appointment today.