Popular Refrigerator Styles

A refrigerator is an essential part of every kitchen. Fridges come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles and their main purpose is to preserve our perishable foods. Have you ever wondered what the most popular refrigerator styles are? Let’s take a look.

Top Freezer 

This traditional design first introduced in the 1940’s is still the most popular fridge model. Most inexpensive models feature this design, making it affordable and classic. Dairy and perishable products are kept in the lower portion while freezer items are kept above, with both sections having a separate door. This design does not typically contain an ice or water dispenser, which gave some other designs a chance to catch up to its popularity.

Side by Side

The side by side refrigerator model usually features a freezer portion on the left and a fridge portion on the right which is slightly wider. The benefit to the side by side design is having both frozen and refrigerated foods on the same level as opposed to a top to bottom design. The double doors, which open to opposite sides, give it more clearance room making it perfect for smaller kitchens or for a fridge placed behind an island. Side by sides are slightly more expensive than the top freezer model but almost equally as popular.

French Door

The French door style fridge is a more modern design that has gained rapid popularity over the last decade. It features a refrigerated section on top with two side swinging door and a pull-out freezer portion on the bottom with several different compartments. Most of the newer state of the art designer refrigerators feature this design. The wide shelves of the refrigerator portion make it perfect for storing large platters or pots while the freezer portion has convenient pull out drawers.

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