Why an Ice Buildup Requires Attention ASAP

The freezer portion of your refrigerator is an essential part of your kitchen. Ice cream, popsicles, leftovers, meats and vegetables; it helps keeps the essentials for your family ready to go. A problem with your freezer can lead to a problem with your refrigerator. The first sign of an issue is an ice build-up around the edges of your freezer or near your icemaker. If you notice ice or frost build up in the freezer portion of your fridge, contact Express Appliance Service right away. Here’s why you shouldn’t delay:

Clogged Vents

An ice buildup in your freezer usually occurs on or around the vents. Clogged vents cause air circulation problems which could cause the fridge not to cool properly, leading to spoiled food. Clearing off the buildup will help things temporarily, but without fixing the cause, it will build up again. Contact a repair company right away.

Possible Causes

Ice buildup in your freezer is caused when humid air from the outside of the refrigerator blends with cold, dry air inside the freezer. This can happen when the fridge door is left open by mistake or because of an unsealed gasket. If you can’t find the cause of the buildup, don’t try to open up compartments of your fridge yourself, call a professional repair company instead.

Without Repair

There are ways to temporarily solve the problem of freezer ice buildup. Unplugging your refrigerator and emptying it completely will allow the freezer to defrost. After about 8 hours, you can wipe the freezer dry and plug it back in. Chances are the ice will build back up again, so be sure to Express Appliance Service before that happens. 

Ice buildup is a sign of a problem with your refrigerator that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Ignoring a build-up can lead to permanent problems, spoiled food and costly repairs. Call Express Appliance Service right away.