Signs Your Water Temp Isn’t High Enough for Your Dishwasher

When it comes to convenience, dishwashers are some of the best kitchen appliances. Nothing better than not having to wash dishes by hand! However, when they’re not working correctly, it can be very frustrating. But sometimes, your dishwasher may not be working up to par because of an easily fixable issue. For example, if the water going through your machine isn’t hot enough, it won’t be able to work as intended. The perfect water temp for your dishwasher is 122-degrees Fahrenheit. Here are some signs that your water temp isn’t high enough for your dishwasher.


Spotty Glasses

If your dishes are coming out clean, but your glass dishware looks spotty, the water may not be hot enough. If the water is cool, it may not be able to rinse off the detergent thoroughly from your glasses, causing little white spots of soap residue. If you notice spotty dishes, it may be time to check your water temp.

Detergent Tablets Not Dissolving

Those little handy soap tablets used for your dishwasher are great to throw in when you’re ready to wash a load of dishes. But if you notice the tablets are only partially dissolving or not dissolving at all, it may be that your water is too cold. Those tablets are highly concentrated, and some have a plastic-like substance on top that can only dissolve in high temperatures. If they’re not breaking down, it’s most likely a water temperature issue.

Dishes Not Coming Out Clean

Although dirty dishes can point to several different dishwasher problems, you should rule out water temperature first. If your dishes are coming out with food residue still left on, check your water temp first.


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