Surfaces You May Be Forgetting to Clean After Cooking


If you love to cook, you’re probably aware of the not so fun cleanup afterward. No one loves to clean up from cooking, but it’s a necessary evil to prevent germs and annoying pests like kitchen ants from taking over your kitchen. Even the most obsessive neat freaks may be missing some essential areas to clean after cooking a big meal. Here are some surfaces you may be forgetting to clean after cooking.


Underneath Cabinets

If you have kitchen cabinets above any of your cooking surfaces, or even nearby, check the underside of them. Be prepared to be grossed out. Grease and oil from cooking on your stovetop has a pretty wide splatter range, and a favorite spot it likes to hit is the nooks and crannies of your cabinets. Using an antibacterial wipe or a washcloth soaked in hot soapy water, wipe down and dry all cabinets, including the undersides, after cooking.


The Inside of Your Oven

You may clean your oven monthly or even weekly, but the truth is, it should be cleaned more often than that. If you notice that some liquid or food has spilled over onto the bottom of the oven after use, wiping it up right then will save you from a smoky mess next time you use it. Dried up spills can cause smoke and even fires when using your oven, so cleaning up messes as they happen is the best way to go.


Oven Dials and Buttons

Grease and oil can splatter and drip down underneath your oven’s buttons and dials, causing them to stick or not work correctly. If you have oven dials you can pull off, remove them and soak in soapy water. While the dials are soaking, wipe down the surfaces under the dials, removing any built-up grime around the indentations.


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