The Latest Smart Technology Appliances

There have been so many advancements in smart technology, just over the last few years, that has drastically changed our everyday lives. Appliances we use every day are becoming even more convenient, with more features and more capability with other devices in our homes. Let’s take a look at the latest smart technology appliances.


Smart Ovens

Can you imagine owning an oven that actually makes you a better cook? It’s possible with a smart oven. The latest smart ovens and ranges are not only controlled by your smartphone, but they’re able to detect when food is cooking unevenly and adjust the temperature accordingly. Theoretically, you can preheat the oven from your phone as you’re leaving the office and cook for a feast for the holidays without worrying about burning the turkey.


Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators may be the most exciting smart appliances for the kitchen. They are able to keep track of the food inside and text you reminders of food items that you’re running low on.  They can even tell you when fresh fruit or vegetables you have are close to their expiration date so you can use them up. Your refrigerator can even send you recipes for casseroles or soups, so you don’t waste all those fresh veggies!


Smart Washers and Dryers

One of the most innovative things about owning a smart appliance is that they can update themselves. That means when a new wash cycle is developed, your smart washer can download it, and you can begin using it immediately. Smart washers and dryers are also extremely energy efficient and can even give you tips on how to improve your laundry habits so you can save even more money.


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