The Latest Dishwasher Technology

What would we do without dishwashers? A lot of dishes, that’s what. Dishwashers have made our lives easier for almost 100 years now. And it’s incredible to think how far the technology has come over the last several decades. Let’s take a look at the latest dishwasher technology.


Advanced Wash Systems

Some of the latest dishwashers available on the market come equipped with over 140 cleaning jets. All that washing power means you get a crystal clear clean every time. There are no more blind spots since every area has designated jets, including the top rack. Every corner of the dishwasher is getting clean with this kind of advanced wash system.


Dry Boosts

Ever get frustrated with finding water droplets all over your kids plastic dishes or your Tupperware? Not anymore with the latest dishwashers equipped with “Dry Boost.” This unique cycle gets your hard to dry items up to three times dryer than the heated dry cycle.


Adjustable Racks

You’ll never have to handwash your fancy stemware or glasses with adjustable dishwasher racks. Just move the top rack down a few notches, and you’ll be able to fit all your delicate glassware comfortably.


Half Load Washes

Having a light week? Those dirty dishes start to smell musty after a while, but you don’t want to waste water and energy washing a half load of dishes. Thankfully, the latest dishwasher technology makes it possible to do a half load of dishes. Just load all your dirty dishes into a designated “wash zone,” and your dishwasher will only use the water and energy it needs to wash that area.


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