Tips to Keep Your Dryer Working Longer

Long gone are the days of hanging your laundry out to dry in the backyard. Thankfully we have our trusty dryers to do that for us. They are a piece of modern technology that is taken for granted sometimes. However, most people miss the luxury as soon as it breaks! If you have ever experienced dealing with a broken dryer, then you are already familiar with this feeling. To help you avoid experiencing that for as long as possible, here are some ways to help you extend the lifespan of your dryer!


Clean Out Your Exhaust Vent

Most repair companies will recommend cleaning out your exhaust vents at least every two years. If you use your dryer frequently, like every day or every other day, you may want to check your vents every year. Dirty exhaust vents not only make your dryer work harder than it must, but they could also be a fire hazard.

Don’t Overload Your Dryer

Your dryer was designed to dry a certain amount of clothes at a time. If you overload it, your dryer will work harder and longer to dry it, taking a toll on its motor and components. You’ll also use more energy this way. Plus, if you’re mindful of your dryer loads, you’ll in turn be mindful of your washer loads, expanding the lifespan of both appliances.

Deep Clean Your Lint Screen

You’re already emptying your lint screen after every load, which is good. However, you should also deep clean your lint catcher every three months or so. Just pull it out and give it a quick scrub with dish soap and warm water. This will remove any film and gunk that builds up after a while.


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