Washing Machine Noises- What’s Normal and What Isn’t

Washing machines are noisy. While it’s true that most of the noises they make are normal, there are some that you should pay attention to. Some noises could indicate serious problems that should be addressed right away- before they turn into costly repairs. Read on to discover which noises are typical for your washer, and which ones aren’t.


Rattling Noises

When your washing machine either starts or stops a spin cycle, you may hear a gentle rattle. This type of rattling sound is entirely normal. However, if the rattling noise is loud and accompanied by loud banging sounds, this could indicate an uneven weight distribution in your wash load. This commonly happens with towels or more substantial items that tend to become very heavy when wet. Usually, all that’s needed to fix this problem is a quick rearrangement of the load by hand. If this doesn’t stop the rattling, there could be a loose pulley or component in your machine. Contact Express Appliance Service right away.


Loud Buzzing

A loud buzzing sound coming from your washing machine usually indicates a problem with the motor. If this problem isn’t addressed right away, the motor could burn out completely, leaving you with a dead washing machine. If the buzzing sound is more of a light humming, this could be a problem with your pump. Either way, you’ll need to seek the service of a professional appliance repair professional.


Grinding Noise

If your washing machine is making a grinding noise, this could indicate a problem with the agitator or another failing component. Get a grinding noise checked out right away. It’s most likely an inexpensive fix, but the longer you wait, the more damage it could cause.


Hearing any strange noises we haven’t addressed? Call Express Appliance Repair right away for all your washing machine needs.