Benefits of a Chest Freezer

Did you know that a chest freezer has about 20% more usable space than the freezer in your refrigerator? If you don’t have a chest freezer in your home, but have recently been considering one, read on to discover the many benefits of owning a chest freezer.


Consistent Temperature

A chest freezer can maintain a steady constant temperature because it doesn’t have a self-defrost system. That’s why items in chest freezer can stay nice and frosty at all times. Since air circulates less in a chest freezer as well, you don’t have to worry about freezer burn.


Energy Savings

Many people worry about energy costs when purchasing a large appliance like a chest freezer. Stop worrying! A chest freezer uses far less electricity than your refrigerator, in fact, you’ll barely see a difference in your energy bills. Just be sure to look for a chest freezer with an energy saver tag.


Room to Buy in Bulk

Groceries can be expensive, especially if you’re shopping for a large family. Having a chest freezer allows you to buy the more pricey items, like meat and poultry, in bulk. You can save money, and always have dinner ingredients on hand without worrying about where they can be stored.


Preserve Fresh Produce

If you have a garden at home, or purchase from a local farm or co-op in the spring and summer months, having a chest freezer means you can preserve those fresh fruits and veggies and eat them all year round! It’s easy to prepare and freeze fresh produce, just store them in reusable bags and take out what you need. You can even combine ingredients and label them for easy crockpot and quick meals.


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