What is the Right Temperature For My Freezer?

Your freezer needs to stay cold enough so that your food is safe to eat. But there could be a point where it’s TOO cold. So, what is the right temperature for your freezer? And how do you know if it’s hitting that temp?


The Perfect Temperature for Your Freezer

The FDA says your freezer should be kept at 0 degrees. Yup, a solid zero. This is the perfect temperature for meats to stay solidly frozen, as well as dairy products, vegetables, and anything else you stash in the freezer. Anything higher than this, and your food could begin to thaw, making it unsafe to eat. But on the other hand, anything lower than 0 could cause freezer burn, which could cause your food to be inedible.

How do you know if your freezer is cold enough?

The very best way to know if your freezer is at the right temperature is to keep an appliance thermometer inside. Some models come with one built-in. Otherwise, you can pick one up at a hardware store or you could use this simple and fun coin test:

  1. Place a container filled with water inside your freezer.
  2. As soon as the water is completely frozen, put a coin on top of the ice.
  3. Leave the coin on the ice overnight.

If your freezer is failing or having temperature issues, the ice will begin to melt and allow the coin to sink a bit. If it’s steady and working correctly, the coin will be right where you left it the night before. This test is also a great tip if you leave your home for more than a few days. For instance, if you go on vacation for a week, you wouldn’t know if your fridge lost power for a significant amount of time only to regain power and refreeze everything without noticing. In this case, the coin would be at the bottom of the cup.


If you suspect your freezer isn’t staying at the right temperature, give Express Appliance Repair a call. We can help with all your home appliance needs.