What to Do When Your Ice Machine Stops Working

Getting fresh ice whenever you want is a modern convenience most of us take for granted. That is, until you reach for fresh ice and nothing is there! While a broken ice machine in your kitchen isn’t exactly an emergency, it’s still frustrating. Here’s what to do when your ice machine stops working.


Ice Machine Not Ejecting Ice

If there’s ice inside the ice mold but not dispensing, then your water supply to your ice machine is probably still working fine. However, this indicates a mechanical or electrical problem. One potential easy fix is the metal bar known as the “control arm”. This device determines if the ice bucket is full and no more ice should be made. To fix this, check the control arm to see if it’s set correctly. Reposition it into its “on” mode. Wait about 30 minutes. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it may be a problem with the motor itself. Time to call in the pros.

Ice Machine Not Making Ice

If your ice machine isn’t producing ice cubes at all or filling the tray, there is most likely a clog somewhere in the water supply line. This means that the dispenser is not getting the water it needs to make ice. It is probably best to get some guidance from a professional in these situations before trying anything on your own. An average person can easily turn a clogged water line into a broken water line.

Replace Your Filter

An old, dirty, or clogged water filter could cause problems for your ice machine. Try changing the water filter to see if this fixes the problem. If you haven’t changed it in the last few months, it may be the issue.


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