What’s That Drawer Under Your Oven For?…And Other Oven Tips

Did you ever wonder what that drawer was for under your oven? If your answer is “Of course, it’s for storage”, then you may want to continue reading! We put together some common misconceptions about ovens to ensure you’re getting the best use out of yours. These tips can help any oven owner!


The Warming Drawer

That drawer under your oven? It’s actually for keeping food warm. It’s a perfect place to keep food that just came out of the oven nice and warm, without continuing to cook it. It’s especially convenient if you need to cook a separate item in the oven at a different temperature. Take the first part of your dish, put it in the warming drawer, adjust the oven’s temp, and throw in the next part of your dish! It is actually not recommended that you store anything in there, even pans. The constant change of temperature will negatively impact just about anything you are thinking of storing in there.

Don’t Open The Door!

We know it’s tempting to open the door during the cooking process, but that could change the oven’s temperature by nearly 20 degrees when you do. Try to utilize your oven light as much as possible to get a peek at your food. This is especially important if you are baking anything in the oven.

Calibrate The Oven’s Temperature

Whether the dial or screen is reading 400 degrees…how certain are you that it is correct? Invest in an oven thermometer to double check it. This is a great way to get ahead of any problems in the future. If you notice that the thermometer does not match the temperature indicated on your oven, regardless of it indicating the temperature is actually higher or lower, then it’s time to give us a call!