Fridges from The Future

The following fridges may sound like features we still have to wait for, but they are all available for purchase right now!

LG Smart InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator

This model allows you to look inside of the fridge without having to open the door! All you need to do is knock twice on the glass panel to illuminate the inside of your fridge. In addition, the “door in door” technology does a better job of optimizing the space in your fridge than ever before!


Are you tired of refilling that pitcher of water in your fridge every day? If so, then this fridge may be right for you! It comes with an easy to use, auto-filling station in the fridge. All you have to do is slide the pitcher in and the fridge does the rest for you!


If you’re the type of person that gets frustrated with your crisper drawers because nothing seems to last as long as they should, then this might be the model for you. This fridge allows you to set a custom temperature on an entirely separate drawer in the fridge. This can help you keep that produce fresh for much longer than you could before!

Samsung Family Hub

The first thing you will notice about this fridge is the giant screen on the front of it. This touch screen can also be voice activated and it has many features. Through the screen, you can connect to many other appliances and devices throughout the house. This especially comes in handy with its combined feature of being able to come up with recipes based on what is in the fridge and preheating the oven once you choose one. The fridge also has a camera inside of it so you can see if you are running low on anything while you are in the grocery store.