When It’s Time to Call an Appliance Repair Company to Fix Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine is an important component of your everyday life. That’s why it’s such a big deal when they stop working. Sometimes there are warning signs that there’s a problem. Other times, it may just stop working altogether. Here are a few situations when it’s time to call an appliance repair company to fix your washing machine.


It is Making Loud Banging Noises

Washing machines can sometimes become unbalanced during a washing cycle, causing them to make loud noises. However, loud banging noises shouldn’t be a common occurrence. If rearranging the clothes to distribute them evenly doesn’t solve the issue, and it’s still making loud noises during a cycle, it’s time to call in the pros.

It Won’t Drain

A washing machine that won’t drain usually points to a jam in the drain line or hoses. Most of the time, you will need a professional with the appropriate equipment to unclog it.

There’s A Leak

There are several different areas that your washing machine can leak from. The most common leak site is at the drain line. However, a professional will need to assess the washing machine and find the leak. Never use one that’s leaking – standing water can cause a lot of damage to your home.

The Drum is Stuck

Something is wrong if the drum isn’t turning like it’s supposed to while running a cycle. The culprit could be a damaged, loose, or broken belt. This is a sign to call in an appliance repair company right away.

It Won’t Open

Many washing machines use computer sensors to operate their door-locking mechanisms. Sometimes the sensors can malfunction, causing the door to stay locked. Never force open a locked door. Forcing could result in much more trouble than just a bad sensor. Call an appliance repair company instead.


If your washing machine is experiencing any of these issues, leave it to the pros! Call Express Appliance Service today.